Sunday, February 7, 2010

My favorite 20 films of the 2000s: There Will Be Blood

These are my 20 personal favorite films of the 2000s and they are not being ranked according to any criteria, other than I love them. So here they are, in alphabetical order:

There Will Be Blood (2007) Very few films can actually be called epic, but take Daniel Day-Lewis and throw him into the role of a turn of the century oil prospector (Daniel Plainview) who makes us question so much about our own nature that we are not sure which side we are on anymore, and you have yourself one of the most exciting movies in a long time. Wide, sweeping shots of the plains leave you breathless as the cinematography stars throughout this film. Long periods of time are filled with your own thoughts as you contemplate the existence of these men and their desires, and ultimately we come to struggle with aspects of greed and religion and, most importantly, human nature as this one man completely controls the screen for 158 minutes.

The film becomes a struggle of wills between Daniel and his thirst for greed and power and that of Eli, the young evangelical who wants to work with Daniel (well, he wants his help financially) to aid in the building of his flock. These two men are different in many ways, but as the story will tell, all too similar in others, and as we watch Plainview tumble into madness we feel a slight smirk come across our faces at the final scene, as if there could be any other way for this film to end.

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