Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A short movie review: Trucker (2009)

Trucker (2009)

Director - James Mottern
90 Min; R
Michelle Monaghan – Diane Ford
Nathan Fillion - Runner
Jimmy Bennett – Peter

A remarkable performance by Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone (2007)) as Diane Ford, a youngish female trucker from a small town life who lives hard and for not much else, is a little over-shadowed by the much too predictable story arc, but only slightly.

Given the news that her estranged 10 year old son is coming to stay with her “for a few weeks only” as his dad is dying of cancer, Diane must grapple with her complete inability or want to be a mother figure. What could lead to a terribly clichéd film is given new life when her son Peter (Jimmy Bennett – the young James T Kirk in Star Trek (2009)) arrives and plays the part perfectly of a jaded kid from a broken family. I appreciated the dynamic between these two as they go on a somewhat predictable adventure of coming to accept each other.

At just 90 minutes this film is a perfect length and you never feel that it is dragging nor that it needs more to keep you entertained. First time director James Mottern wrote the script and it does need some help, but the portrayal of small town life is pretty well done and the platonic love interest Runner (Nathan Fillion) brings a very strong supporting role.
I’m glad I saw this film and I think Monaghan deserves an Oscar-nod for best actress.


out of 5

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