Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some brief movie thoughts

This blog is slowly fading away due my postings at but I'm not going to let it die in case I once again become inspired to write about every movie I see... I see a lot of movies that I don't mention, but sometimes I get the urge to talk about them.

Here are my reviews of The Family, Prisoners and Salinger

I have also recently seen:

The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Interesting premise and shot well, but it isn't special

Numbers Station - Perhaps the worst movie I've seen in a long time... shame on you John Cusack

Rush - Very well done film and one of my favorites of the year

Enough Said - James Gandolfini's last film and he is excellent in an off typecast role as an aging divorced man who begins dating a woman with more problems than himself

Gravity - Visually incredibly film and worth seeing on any large screen with great sound... You will need to simply suspend some of your intelligence but do not hesitate to see this one.

Machete Kills - If you liked the first one you'll like this one, though I prefer the first one a but more for the fun of it all... This one captures the feel of the original, but also must try to live up to it.  These movies are crude exploitations and I love them.

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