Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A movie review: Chloe (2010)

Chloe (2010)

Director - Atom Egoyan
96 min; R
Julianne Moore - Catherine
Liam Neeson - David
Amanda Seyfried - Chloe

It would be easy and conveinent for me to write that Chloe (2010) is a suspensul, erotic thriller that will keep you thinking while dually tantalizing your emotions, but I've never been one for taking the easy view. This film is simply a formulaic 'erotic-thriller' that happens to have a note-worthy cast, which is unfortunate because, combined, the 3 main actors all give very good performances. It is unusual for me to watch a film with solid acting and yet find the overall appeal to be, shall we say, unappealing, and not even the bare breasts of actress on actress could titilate me enough to recommend this film.

The entire story centers on Catherine (Julianne Moore) as a well-to-do gynecologist who suspects her Opera-expert husband David (Liam Neeson) of cheating on her. In an unconventional move (though not entirely out of place for your average psychotic woman) she enlists the practices of an upscale call girl, Chloe, played by the lucsious lipped Amanda Seyfried, a role seemingly made for her. The dynamic in play throughout is that of the psychological: A woman scorned and her need for knowledge; a man constantly tempted yet resisting temptation; a woman who chooses to hold power over the men in her life.

Julianne Moore is very good at portraying this character and I feel she is the link that holds the film together, however, not even her performance here can save the fact that the film is too slow paced for the subject matter and it never really delves deep enough into the psychology of the husband or the call girl. We are being toyed with by the director and when the very unfulfilling and predictable ending occur I feel nothing - something you wouldn't expect from a film that is selling emotional content.

** out of 5

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