Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Mini-Documentary Review: Oceans (2010)

Oceans (2010)
Jacques Cluzaud (co-director)
Release Date: 22 April 2010
USA; 86 min

Narrator - Pierce Brosnan

As the film title implies this is a documentary on 'oceans' - well, that is what we would and should believe based on the advertising and title. However, what we are given is a pretty discombobulated film that jumps from South African killer whales to Australian reefs to Galapagos sea creatures and back again. At no point did I feel like I was watching a cohesive piece of art.

This is all unfortunate because the film has some amazing shots of nature. Some scenes have never been filmed before and it was certainly awe-inspiring to watch, but a lot of you who seek out nature programs already will be disappointed. Television already has wonderful programs such about the planet and the animals and the water, and the more recent film EARTH was significantly better made than this. With Pierce Brosnan narrating you would think it would be somewhat neutral, but this Disney film never takes off and we almost start to feel like we are being lectured to in a classroom.

** out of 5

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