Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mini Reviews: 2012 and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Director - Roland Emmerich
Runtime - 158 min; PG-13
John Cusack - Jackson Curtis
Amanda Peet - Kate Curtis

Exactly what you would expect, nothing more, nothing less. I suppose 2/5 is fair, considering the bad acting, terrible plot lines, and over the top cgi - come on John Cusack, you can do better - but overall not as terrible as I expected)

Director - Werner Herzog
Runtime - 121 min; R
Nicolas Cage - Terrence Mcdonagh
Val Kilmer - Stevie Pruit
Eva Mendes - Frankie

Nicolas Cage with a great performance as a drugged up cop post Katrina, but the film by Werner Herzog is a bit out there in terms of cohesivness and though I'd love to proclaim it a best of the year candidate it seems to fall short in believabilty which isn't good in a movie that is somewhat trying to be 'real'... It simply does not flesh out many parts of the film enough and leaves too much dangling... 3.5/5 reluctantly because I feel it should be higher.

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