Sunday, October 19, 2008

2008 movies and quick recap reviews

Here are the 2008 movies I have seen with their release dates. I felt like I missed a lot of movies this year (I did, especially in comparison to 2007) but when I looked through all the releases, I don't think I missed too many worth seeing. Anyway - my ratings next to each based on how I feel today.

2008 certainly was not on par with the great 2007 year of movies (though there may still be some big ones to finish off the year)

Let me know what good ones I missed so I can try and see them.

Rambo 1/25/08 -- (6/10) for a Rambo type movie - 3/10 for an actual movie

Vantage Point 2/22/08 -- (3/10) Terrible movie. Do not waste one minute on this one.

The Other Boleyn Girl 2/29/09 -- 7/10 -- Maybe 7.5/10 - I really enjoyed the entire movie. Not sure why it got dismissed so quickly.

Semi-Pro 2/29/08 -- (3/10) -- terrible even for Will Farrell's recent stuff

Iron Man 5/2/08 -- (8.5/10) -- One of the best of the year, regardless of genre. If not for the rediculous ending sequence it would be a solid 9

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 5/22/08 -- (4/10) -- Terrible attempt at an ending for this already fine trilogy. Nothing original takes place and nothing exciting happens.

Kung Fu Panda 6/6/08 -- (6.5/10) -- Actually entertaining and good voices for the parts, but it did drag a bit in the middle for my taste in an animated film

You Don't Mess with the Zohan 6/6/08 -- (8/10) -- plot? Who cares. It was laugh out loud funny and for a Sandler film these days that is hard to come by

WALL-E 6/27/08 -- (8/10) -- a really wonderful film that, if it didn't drag for about 25 minutes mid way would have deserved a 9

Wanted 6/27/08 -- (3/10) -- absolutely terrible waste of time. Anything you see here has been done multiple times in multiple movies and always a lot better. Save yourself on this one.

The Dark Knight 7/18/08 -- (9/10) - probably at the top of the list so far, BUT, I'd like to see again to decide if it warrants this high a rating. I remember it being very good.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe 7/25/08 -- (5/10) -- ho hum they cashed a paycheck.

Tropic Thunder 8/13/08-- (4/10) -- If not for the first 25 minutes this movie would have been unwatchable... it gets so bad near the end I almost walked out

Vicky Cristina Barcelona 8/15/08-- (9/10)-- Another contender for me for best of the year. Not getting much buzz and no one I know seems to care, regardless of how many times I tell them to see it. Awesome movie with great performances and no dull parts at all.

Burn After Reading 9/12/08 -- (5/10) -- I don't get it? 'People' told me it was good. I don't generally like people, so, whatever... I didn't let out a single laugh for the first 50 minutes, and it is supposed to be a dark comedy of sorts. Brad Pitt's character sucks. That is all I will elaborate on...

Righteous Kill 9/12/08 -- (5/10) -- So standard. So average. So cashing in paychecks.

I don't know much about any upcoming movies... Any input on Oct/Nov/Dec to see?

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