Monday, September 1, 2008

Wanted (a review)

Wanted was as bad a movie as I have seen in a long time. I give this, perhaps on a good day, a 4/10, at the very best.

The acting is horrific, which I am even willing to totally forgive sine I knew what kind of movie I was going to see, but I cannot forgive the absolutely terrible combination of bad acting with ridiculous plot. Nothing was explained well in this movie, mainly because there was nothing worth explaining.

If you love movies with a whiny voice over almost constantly booming through the speakers, maybe you will enjoy it. I don't know, call me absolutely crazy, but am I really supposed to be laughing at how absurd the action scenes got? I mean, laugh out loud moments when you were supposed to be feeling 'suspense'?

Anjelina Jolie is at her worst, and is mainly used as eye candy, only she doesn't look much better than Kate Bosworth after Blue Crush when she lost 190 pounds. She gets out of water and looks hot, from behind, for about 1.3 seconds. Ok, not quite worth the price of admission.

Morgan Freeman plays a typical god-like character who is supposedly imparting knowledge, etc...Talk about phoning it in for a role... How much did he earn for this?

Please save your money for anything else.

LOL at the absurdity of them not being able to kill him at the end. These are the ELITE warriors who can BEND BULLETS from miles away and hit targets and shoot from moving trains and scoop people up in cars when going 100 mph, but when a bunch of rats get released LOOK OUT! What WILL WE DO????

He runs straight down the middle of a big warehouse and not one of 100 people can shoot him? Ok...fine... but then they all end up in a circle at the exact point he is going to show up at???? He also gets sliced in the head with a meat cleaver and doesn't even slow down. Does this guy have magical powers or is he a normal human with some unique characteristics? I honestly don't get it. Is he a 'superhero' or a normal guy trained to be a warrior?

Because if you stuck a meat cleaver in my head I don't think I would be getting up.

Ok...again... I know what kind of move this is... but just because you know a movie is a certain type and genre, it doesn't mean you have to make it this bad.

I am not a big fan of the Matrix, but I understand the appeal, and I can even watch it and be a fan of the techniques used... I just really can't stand Keanue Reeves. But Wanted is NOTHING like Matrix in quality, plot, or film technique.

This is simply the kind of movie that will come on TNT in a few years at 9pm on a Saturday night and you may watch it thinking Jolie will get naked or something.

I always say to each his own with movies, but for some reason I really feel sorry at some level for those of you who A)Really enjoyed this movie and B) Are telling other people they should see this movie.


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